ClearLogic Knows Web / Media

The presentment of data concerning any business or professional organization should be attractive, consistent with the image of the company, and a real resource for information. ClearLogic has developed communication pieces for healthcare, non-profit organizations, private businesses and professional firms. Don’t just take our word for it, read below for the types of media we specialize in, or browse through our portfolio to the right.


A website is how potential clients often get their first impression of you, and because of this it’s important to make sure your site best represents who you are and what you do as a company, with quick and easy access to information. We create websites that represent your business while organizing key information for users, creating an engaging atmosphere and drawing attention where it matters most.


Your identity is who you are, and it’s what people will remember about you. So it’s obviously important that your clients remember not just your name, but your mission. At ClearLogic we create consistant branding collateral meant to communicate your company’s message, not just a name. We strive to make sure your clients know who you are and what you are about through stratgic identity & branding.


There is something about information printed out, and in the hands of your clients, that can create a feeling of truth & security that can’t quite be matched on-screen. This is why ClearLogic designs brochures of all shapes and sizes to fullfil the tangible need to hold something real while communicating the message your company wants to send.

Postcards / Invitations / Mailers

It’s never a good idea for a company to be “out of sight, out of mind.” Postcards and mailers are great ways to keep clientele up-to-date and informed, as well as your name continually refreshed in their minds. At ClearLogic we generate mail items to keep your clients minds on you.

Promotional Items

Special promotions, events, and important facts can often go unnoticed or even unheard of, without a great attention-grabbing device. When events such as these occur the best solution is with posters or flyers. ClearLogic creates posters and flyers that attract and encourage an audience, while professionally portraying your company and it’s imformation.

Video / CD / DVD Development

Having the ability to send a prospective client home with material that helps engage them interactively while supplying them with their upcoming surgical procedures or wellness care really makes you stand out. We create CD/DVD multimedia using Flash® animation to do just that. We display information that entertains as well as informs -- making what you need to say ‘pop’ into your clients heads.